The primary aim of yoga is to restore the mind to simplicity, peace, and poise, to free it from confusion and distress.  B.K.S. Iyengar

Your Path Yoga is a place to cultivate balance, strength and flexibility of body, mind and breath. Small classes with attention to each individuals needs allows students to feel nourished and restored. Class focus on mindfulness and non-striving helps students to balance the constant "doing" so common in our culture.  We all have something beautiful to offer, when we take care of ourselves through mindful yoga practice we are better able to share our unique gifts for the good of all beings. 

Class Descriptions

Rise and Shine

A one hour invigorating class consisting of a nice slow warm up leading into a vinyasa (linked yoga poses) practice.  Great way to start the day. 

Yoga Basics

This straight-forward and fun class will increase your mobility,  strength and balance through the exploration of a variety of yoga poses.  Appropriate for all levels and abilities. 

Gentle-Restorative Yoga

A combination of slow mindful movement and supported yoga poses to help  students elicit deep relaxation. A good practice for stress reduction  and increasing overall health. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a systematic guided meditation in which students are  invited to lay down or sit and observe, through awareness, whatever  arises with their senses, thoughts and emotions.  It is a deeply  relaxing and healing practice.